A green oasis in an urban environment

Building culture is evolving in a more modern direction in many countries. A change in the construction of residential buildings in metropolitan areas is clearly visible in the increase of balcony sizes and the increased use of glass in facades. This is part of a growing trend in which the occupants are given a chance to create their own green oasis in the urban environment.

Around the world architects and designers are becoming increasingly aware of this trend and constructors are realising these new innovative ideas by constructing tall buildings with futuristic facades. To succeed in their endeavours, constructors also need high-quality products, reliable suppliers and subcontractors.

CoverGlobal Ltd wants to be a part of this trend of modern and energy-efficient building by offering constructors high-quality, multifunctional glazing solutions for balconies and terraces. In addition, we offer a flexible service package, which includes participation in drawing up the technical plans together with the architect, material deliveries for the project (schedule will be fitted to the project), subcontracted fitting or organisation of fitting training and monitoring of the fitting (the service and delivery packages are created separately for each project).

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COVER team