Never-before-seen spaces, only your imagination is the limit!
COVER glazing is always an easy-to-use and high-quality choice. The glass elements slide easily over angles with different degrees. Explore the COVER glazing system.

Cooking by lake Saimaa!

Modern summer kitchens built separate from the house are very popular these days. This modern summer kitchen built on the shore of lake Saimaa works in visual harmony with surrounding nature. The frame of this summer kitchen is wooden, and the owners built it themselves. Aluminium is another popular material for frames. COVER sliding glazing has been installed on the left side of the kitchen for easy access. The front has the COVER frameless terrace glazing system which does not obscure the amazing view of the lake. Fixed glazing has also been used to maximise the view and the incoming light.

Inspiring living in Paris!

The inside facade of this Paris apartment has been livened up with glass panes in different colours. The architect boldly used strong colours with the COVER system. This created a vibrant and inspiring facade. The system pictured is the full-height COVER frameless terrace glazing system which has been fitted behind the spoked railing.

Bathing by the ocean!

In the most southern parts of the USA, the COVER system is often used as part of the outer wall of the property. This way, an unobscured view is possible from the space in question and there is also the possibility of combining the inside with the outside. In the southern Californian project pictured here, a full-height COVER glazing system has been fitted as a wall of the bedroom with a bathtub. The glass panes can be opened partially or completely to connect the bedroom with the outer terrace to form a continuous space.