How it all began

In 1991, the inventor Jarmo Sjöholm developed in Finland the COVER balcony and terrace glazing system without vertical beams. It was the world’s first system that was able to slide over angles with different degrees and the COVER glazing system was patented worldwide.
The original COVER system has withstood the test of time and is still one of the most high-quality glazing systems in the world. This is how CoverGlobal Ltd has become an internationally popular Finn.

And this is how a young man’s dream came true.
COVER is a significant employer in its regions. COVER employees and client companies are like a large family.
“Together we continue on the path set by Jarmo towards a more transparent world and new victories.”

How it will continue

During the years, a group of glass and aluminium products has sprung up around the original COVER system. These products support each other and create a harmonious environment. They provide product solutions for many uses either together or on their own.
Today reliability, speed, efficiency, helpfulness, a solution-oriented mindset and quality are the things clients appreciate the most. In recent years, CoverGlobal Ltd has focused on developing these areas by, for example, investing in product development, IT systems and a new well-trained, motivated staff. Using these ingredients, we are able to satisfy the needs of our clients and create a positive customer experience.

Our well-trained staff, skilled in different languages, will help and support B2B clients in all phases of the project and collaboration to achieve, and even surpass, the set goals.

We are proud that we have been able to deliver our Finnish-developed technology to customers both in Finland and abroad to almost 30 countries for the past decades.

We are happy about each new client and each new order. We are committed to long-term collaboration with our clients and to helping our clients achieve success.

We have strong values and work together with our clients like a large family.
We are…

COVER team